On a mission to wipe out more than 1,000 rules from the Florida Administrative Code, Rick Scott is urging state lawmakers to repeal all the rules in one fell swoop during the upcoming 2012 legislative session and take decision-making power away from the state agencies and boards that craft them.


  • The first rule of Rule Club is: you don’t talk about Rule Club.
  • The second rule of Rule Club is: you DO NOT make businesses follow rules!
  • Third rule of Rule Club: one of Rick’s friends yells “stop!”, goes limp, taps out, the rule is over.
  • Fourth rule: delete all emails pertaining to Rule Club; blame it on Rackspace.
  • Fifth rule: take out all the rules at one time, fellas.
  • Sixth rule: no notices, no hearings.
  • Seventh rule: rules can stay as long as they make Rick and his friends money.
  • And the eighth and final rule: if you don’t like the rules, just get rid of them, see?

What do you think?

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